IBTgames is the most engaging sports-focused social media gaming companies on the web. We develop and publish innovative casual games on social networks including Facebook, Myspace, Bebo , Friendster, Orkut, and Hi5. In the future, we will also launch our popular titles on mobile platforms such as the iPhone and Android.

IBTgames is all about redefining the user experience in the social application world by harnessing the power of social networks. All of our applications are developed by experts in game theory and game design with the overall user experience in mind. Adding ease and simplicity to our casual gaming applications, we allow our users to be happy and engaged while interacting with our products and services.

Our loyal engaged fan base is indicative of the quality of our product and the enriching user experience it provides. Currently, our dedicated users produce over 1 million page views a day on average. Our games yield engagement levels 4x greater than that of average top applications on social media.

Utilizing a truly international development model, with the most talented professionals across the globe collaborating in all our projects, we are able to ensure that our costs and speed of development are more efficient relative to the standards in the industry. As a mantra, companywide we promote an environment that fosters creativity and flexibility without sacrificing efficiency and accuracy.