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Considering all the businesses that are flocking over to the social media, one could say that businesses these days feel pressured to get on social media. Brant Cooper at Entrepreneur Corner mentions that

Social communication by “word of mouth” is a fundamental human characteristic and taking advantage of that is fundamental to all marketing because (let’s face it) consumer to consumer (C2C) communication is free.

Viral marketing is what we all strive for. It is the best type of marketing because of its two main characteristics: free and highly contagious. With social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, companies have to figure out ways to engage with users using these new “word of mouth” tools.

The article continues to mention something I believe it is paramount to successful advertising overall and also more specific regarding social media. Your social media activities should not be constricted to advertising only, it should bring some clear value to the community. As a business participant, you are there to educate and share your expertise to the benefit of the consumer. If one manages to achieve this, it will be perceived less as an add and more as useful information and then the consumer will subconsciously click on the add as a thank you.

With an online presence on social media channels, the company has to follow specific rules of engagement established by those channels. At the same time the company has to make sure they open channels of communication to the community to receive the valuable feedback that the consumers are willing to share with you.

Is social media worth your marketing dollars?[Entrepreneur Corner]


So you have the next big application idea? So do I! I have thought of hundreds of application ideas flowing through my head even when I sleep. I just can’t stop thinking but but I follow one rule, if I have thought of an idea, than at least 1000 other people have thought of the same idea as well. So before you go crazy, take a little bit of time to do some quick research. So here is a few simple steps to help you figure out which application idea to go with.

1) Search on the internet such as google and social networks to see if they have your ideas first
2) Pick ideas which you find compelling and interesting. It should excite you.
3) Talk to a few friends or random people and see if it excites them as well.
4) Go back to the drawing board from your feedback, and now list the ideas.
5) Then do some in depth market research on those ideas to see what really is out there. Looking for competitors is a good start.
6) After you gather some more information, write each of the ideas down on paper and go to sleep. For each one, write down what value or user satisfaction you are trying to address. Don’t go back to the ideas for at least a few days.
7) After you leave it for a few days, look at the ideas and pick the one that seems most compelling to you from what you have written and what also excites you.

This should be an easy stress free process.

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